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How it all began:
In January 1926, Paul Baumert founded the company Paul Baumert Auto-Kühler und Karosseriebau at Jungfernplan in Hannover. In the autumn of the same year, work began on the construction of the company's first own workshop building and a residential building at Peiner Straße 15 in Hannover-Döhren.

How it all began


Oswald Dabergotz joined his stepfather's company as a journeyman. From then on the company was called Paul Baumert u. Sohn. In March of the following year, Oswald Dabergotz passed his master's examination as a plumber and fitter before the Hannover Chamber of Trade. Oswald Dabergotz now joined the company as a partner, which was henceforth called "Baumert u. Dabergotz Auto-Kühler u. Karosseriebau, Klempnerei u. Installation". In the same year, Oswald Dabergotz married his wife Maria, who worked in the company until her death in 1993.

Oswald Dabergotz spent the war years at home, as he was considered indispensable. The business was considered a supplier to the municipal transport company, the post office, the fire brigade and the police.

During the war years, daughters Bärbel, Rosemarie and Katharina were born, and the long-awaited son Oswald Junior was born in 1949.

Paul Baumert u. Sohn


In 1951, the company's property at Wilmerstraße 5 was acquired.

After the successful construction of the residential building and the production hall, the company moved to much larger premises. New machines for the production of tube coolers were purchased. The first small series for Hanomag and Krupp vehicles got off to a good start and were even delivered to Africa. In 1966, the second construction phase of the production hall was opened and machines for the construction of tanks could be purchased. The first series production of fuel tanks for John Deere Lanz took place.

Company's property at Wilmerstraße 5
Company's property at Wilmerstraße 5
Company's property at Wilmerstraße 5


In 1967, Paul Baumert passed away and Oswald Dabergotz Senior took over the sole management of the company. The children Bärbel, Rosemarie and Oswald Junior were now firmly attached to the company, their work commitment more important than ever in preparation for a later takeover.

Radiator construction and container production ran parallel to each other. Reflectors for street lamps of the Hellux company were also produced in Wilmerstraße.


In 1982, Oswald Dabergotz Senior passed away and his children Bärbel and Oswald took over the management of the company, which now became Baumert u. Dabergotz GmbH. The main turnover now comes from container construction, companies such as Deutsche Grove, Demag and Liebherr from Austria were and still are among the customers. And of course many end users. Cooler construction turned more and more into service.

The new management
The new management
The new management


90 years Baumert and Dabergotz , repairs of tanks and coolers increase.  Bärbel and Oswald Dabergotz look back on 60 years in the company. It is time to look for a suitable successor and retire.


In May 2017, Lars Buschkowski, master metalworker and welding specialist, took over Baumert and Dabergotz and was appointed as the new managing director. Bärbel and Oswald Dabergotz retire into a well-deserved retirement, but are always on hand to offer advice and support.


Pipeline construction was added to the production as an additional business field.


Aluminium sand casting welding for electric motor housings presented us with a new challenge. This task could be implemented in cooperation with the Fronius company and the TU Braunschweig.  A procedure test was necessary, with the help of DNVGL this was also solved.


A tank was designed, our first own product under the new management, it was brought from development to construction, ready for series production, including all approvals from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, it came onto the market and went into series production. 


Coolers also have to be repaired in the Corona period, tanks are built, etc. A new task lies ahead of us... but more of that later.


As promised, an update for 2022. The long-awaited welding robot from Fronius has finally been ordered. The delivery time is extremely long, but the delivery should take place in the spring of next year. The long wait is worth it to improve product quality and work processes. Once the installation is complete, staff training begins. Due to its user-friendliness, our trained employees should be able to implement the operability quickly, which we were able to convince ourselves of at a demonstration by the Fronius company in Goslar.

In late summer we, Baumert & Dabergotz GmbH, took part in an award ceremony in Cologne. The "Employer of the Future" and the "Top Service" were honored and we were there.

Of course, this award makes us very proud and we can see that our work is also well received by the customers. Thank you again for the feedback and the trust you have placed in us.

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